Designing A Syllabus of English Teaching For Nursing Study Program

Designing A Syllabus of English Teaching For Nursing Study Program

Asef Wildan Munfadlila




Teaching English model for nursing students need recommendation from subject lecturer’s involvement in the curriculum
design. This paper wrote the process of designing a syllabus for ESP teaching in nursing context. As a part of curriculum
design, this ESP syllabus focused on content area reading of English for nursing. Several text types commonly used in
nursing skill and vocabulary building of academic word lists and the ones related to nursing area study were elaborated as
well. The method used Research and development R&D with procedures need analysis, development, expert validation,
and final product. This paper concluded that the application of syllabus needs high recommendation and commitment
from the stakeholders in order to make the program successfully implemented.

Keywords: English teaching, nursing Study Program, syllabus design


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